Simple Ways To Save Money

We have all read and heard the numerous ways in which to save money, but perhaps there are a few ideas that bear repeating.

Not all of these ideas need to be implemented simultaneously. Even adopting a few of them could generate funds that would facilitate that great vacation or at the very least ease your mind of some financial pressure.

My Coffee Habit

So let’s begin with the first place you spend money in the morning. Is that latte so much better than coffee brewed at home? Think of this: a pot of coffee brewed first thing in the morning, the aroma greeting you the minute you walk into the kitchen. And all for the cost of a coffee machine with a timer. That is not to say you should never indulge in the occasional latte or other delightful treat at your local coffee shop. After all, the coffee shop has become one of our social locations of choice.

And if you’re an espresso or latte junkie (like me) consider buying a Nespresso or equivalent espresso maker that uses pods. I just purchased a top-of-the-line Citiz Nespresso maker at Williams Sonoma for $349. Sounds like a lot of money huh? Not really when you consider that I had a twice a day Starbucks habit at a minimum of $3 per drink. And then, on top of that, I’d often buy an unhealthy cookie or other snack. $7 bucks a day 5 days per week = $33 per week = $134 per month!!!!! Youch. You can see how I justified the Nespresso machine which makes the exact same drink at $1.00 a piece. (Including the coffee pods.)



Moving on through the day, let’s consider lunch options. Perhaps brown bagging several days a week in addition to eating out the other days would be advantageous in reducing daily costs and yet still keep you out there socializing with your coworkers. (Networking is important after all.)

And then yikes – what’s for dinner! A few ideas to avoid that quick stop for fast food.

Consider jotting down a couple of menus ideas for the week and then make a grocery list that will accommodate the planned menus. And ALWAYS shop after eating in order to cut back on impulse buying.

Shop within a limited time frame so that you remain focused on the items you have listed to purchase. Wandering the grocery store aisles without a time limit leads to impulse buying.

There are some who swear by weekend cooking in order to have delicious homemade meals packed away in the freezer – or at the very lease have leftovers to enjoy on those very busy week nights. By cooking larger meals that can be consumed more than once will save a lot of money over a new meal prepared every night.

Here are a few miscellaneous ideas that could point you toward saving money:

  1. Take advantage of your town library to borrow books instead of purchasing them. There are so many options now in our libraries. It’s not just a place to read for free, you can now check out movies, make use of the computers and enjoy the peace and quiet of the library.
  2. If you really want to own your books, seek out half price or gently used  book stores.
  3. Go to that new movie during matinee times and save a couple of dollars.
  4. Instead of buying 48 bottles of water at the wholesale store, invest in a couple of water bottles that can be refilled just before you walk out the door from your sink or filter.
  5. Unless you have older family members or very young children, consider giving up your land line in favor of just using your cell phone.
  6. Pay bills on time –  late charges add up quickly.
  7. Most pharmacies will substitute a generic product of your prescription that can result in huge savings.
  8. If your car is running well, all four wheels roll on the ground at the same time and it is not costing you tons of money for major repair, hang on to it.

And last but not least – do not attempt to stay up with the Jones’. Chances are, they are not as solvent as they appear to be and maybe just maybe, they are envious of your already paid for car!

So let’s get out there and save money and you’ll enjoy life much more!