How much can I deposit in a Coverdale ESA?

Taxpayers may deposit up to $500 per year into an Education IRA for a child under age 18. Parents, grandparents, other family members, friends, and a child him/herself may contribute to the child’s Education IRA, provided that the total contributions for the child during the taxable year do not exceed the $500 limit. Amounts deposited in the account grow tax-free until distributed, and the child will not owe tax on any withdrawal from the account if the child’s qualified higher education expenses at an eligible educational institution for the year equal or exceed the amount of the withdrawal. If the child does not need the money for postsecondary education, the account balance can be rolled over to the Education IRA of certain family members who can use it for their higher education. Amounts withdrawn from an Education IRA that exceed the child’s qualified higher education expenses in a taxable year are generally subject to income tax and to an additional tax of 10 percent. The Hope Scholarship Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit may not be claimed for a student’s expenses in a taxable year in which the student takes a tax-free withdrawal from an Education IRA.

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